21 April, 2008

The Village of Vianden in Luxembourg

On Sunday, 20 April we visited the Village of Vianden in the North of Luxembourg. Besides being a cool little riverside town, there is a historic old castle literally hanging off the side of a huge cliff. We took the trip to Vianden with our friends David and Sarah that came to visit from the U.S. The trip was less than 1 hour and ran us through several little villages along the way including Diekirch, home to the wonderful Luxembourgish beer by the same name and also home to the Bee Musuem. Yes I said bee, not beer.
Some of the roads leading into Vianden were very narrow, winding and steep but since the weather was great, the trip was easy. The town could not be more well planned out. As you head down a huge hill winding into the valley, you come upon the castle to your right and hanging off the mountain. You know you are in the town when the road changes from asphalt to cobblestones. Not so good for the car but it really makes the scene.
We drove down the main road of the town and passed by a number of little cafes with people just sitting out, enjoying life and having a drink. We would join them a little later.

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