20 October, 2007

First Great Beer Find in Luxembourg!

This is an example of the beer isle in one of the supermarkets we frequent here.

These little kegs are about €15 each and are 6 litres. Not a bad deal at all. Too bad our fridge is too small to fit one.

One of the decent Luxembourgish beers.

What a great way to start the weekend and end my first week or work in Luxembourg. When I got back to the apartment tonight I was surpised by something special that Paula bought for me at a local market. She picked up 2 bottles of Cantillon bottles for me and they were the large .75L bottles. Cantillon Kriek Lambic and Cantillon Bio Gueuze. The best part is the price. 2,97 € for the Gueuze and 3,84 € for the Kriek. I don't have my currency converter out at this late hour but they are both less than $6 a bottle which is less than what you would pay in the states for a bottle half that size.

I finished up the night with a bottle of Duvel at less than 4 € which was also a nice treat and then a crappy beer from Portugal which is not really worth mentioning any more.

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