14 October, 2007

Our First Weekend in Luxembourg

After getting settled in our temporary flat for a few days and getting oriented with the city, we decided to take this weekend to explore Luxembourg City a bit more and to decide where to live.

We started our Friday morning with a trip on the Petrusse Express which is a small little train (that runs on the road) and gives you about a 50 minute tour of some of the historic landmarks of Luxembourg. The tour was really interesting as the little train took us down into the valley below the city and through some really scenic park arenas and under some amazing stone bridges. Pictures to follow on this. The best park of the tour was that it was in 5 or 6 languages and one of them was English which was helpful for Paula and I.

After the train ride we wandered around the town centre which we have been doing for several days and really enjoy. We found a place to eat and we did it local style. We each got a panini and ate it while we walked around the William Square which is where the open air markets are held. We sat down on a bench and finished our paninis and did some people watching which is one of the best things to do in squares like this in Europe. There are so many cafes in this area with tons of tables outside and a very good amount of people outside siting, eating, talking and drinking at all times of the day. You would be suprised at the amount of people, men and women, that have a wine or beer with lunch and all throughout the day.

After lunch we jumped on another touristy thing, the big hop on hop off sightseeing bus. Since we are still in our first week here, we fiqured it was ok to still do tourist things since we are not locals just yet. The CitySightseeting Luxembourg bus is a long ride through the city centre and also some of the other close areas including Kirchberg where my office is located and the banking center of Luxembourg. The number of large bank buildings is pretty cool to see and they are popping up everyday it seems.

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