12 November, 2007


They are everywhere in Luxembourg which is great. Except for the occasional poop on the sidewalk. The dogs come in all shapes and sizes and they go everywhere...in the pedestrian walk areas, on buses, in parks, sitting near their owners at the outside cafes, in shopping malls, supermarkets, indoor restaurants. We even saw a dog the other day in the fine dining establishment, McDonalds. These are just a few of the cute K-9's we have come across and were able to snap photos of before they ran off!

You don't see cats nearly as much although they are out there based on the size of the cat food isles in the supermarkets we frequent. We at least see one cat a day..Molly.

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Adam said...

Hey Greg! Happy to hear things are going well :-) I just started reading your posts. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but, here goes again, "I'm sooo envious!".

Thanks for blogging about it all.

A votre sante!
Op uw gezondheid!
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