08 March, 2008

Kinder Suprise

One of the best things about living in Luxembourg and Europe in general is the availability of one of the best candy thingies in the world! They are called Kinder Suprise and are these hollow chocolate eggs with a white lining that I think is praline or something like that. You break open the egg and inside is a little suprise toy in a yellow plastic case. Although the toy suprises inside are made for kids I am sure, they are still fun for adults as evidenced by the 15 or so that we have accumulated over the past few weeks after getting turned on to these little bundles of joy.

You can either get a single egg at the store or more frequently we get a 3 pack of eggs. Right how the 3 packs come with a Shrek logo on the box so that guarantees you one Shrek per box and then you usually get 2 other random toys. It is getting to the point where I get more enjoyment out of opening the eggs than eating them although the candy is really tasty as well.

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