08 March, 2008

One night in Brussels

Our friends Heather and Ray were visiting this week and we ended their trip on Thursday and Friday in Brussels. We they ended it on Thursday and Friday with Paula in Brussels. I drove up there Friday morning and spend the day and night with them. This one day trip included a look at some sites, some food and lots of good Belgian beer. We visited several bars in town, a bottle shop or two and the Cantillon brewery.

When I arrived on Friday morning, everyone was at breakfast at the hotel. I had some work to do while Paula, Heather and Ray visited a cathedral and then they were off to the Brussels City Museum. Since I had visisted it in December, I skipped the museum and head to the Bier Tempel beer store to do a little browsing and to pick up the Tim Webb Guide to Belgian Beer book. From there Ray and I made a post noon visit to the Delirium Cafe for a few beers. The crowd this time of day is alot easier to take than at night. There was less smoking and we were able to easily get seats at the bar. After a few beers, Paula and Heather joined us after some shopping.

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