31 August, 2008

2008 Schueberfouer in Luxembourg

On 25 August the 668th edition of the Schueberfouer opened up on Luxembourg City. The Schueberfouer is a huge fair that takes over the large Glacis parking lot in the Limpertsberg section of Luxembourg City, right in from of one of my company's offices. There are tons of rides to thrill kids and adults including a farriswheel, a bunch of things that left you up and spin you in all sorts of directions and even a little water ride!

In addition to the rides, there are tons of stands to win all sorts of prices from stuffed animals to Playstation 3's, Nintendo Wii's and plasma tvs. If would not be a fair in Luxembourg without tons of food and drinks and there is plenty of that. We have been to visit 4 different days already and have had several meals here and a good sampling of the drinks as well.

The fair runs until 10 September and during the week is open from about 11am to 1am and on the weekends runs until 2 am! We were there this weekend until after midnight and it is still packed with people of all ages enjoying the rides, food and drinks but there tends to be more punky kids at that point.

Check out our pictures so far from the Schueberfouer...we will be back several more times before it ends!


Sara said...

Hi Greg,

It was great reading your blog. My family and I are moving to Luxembourg in January and we're trying to figure out where to live.

We'd like somewhere picturesque, like Bourglinster, but worry that there's no shops (even just basic bakery/butcher/grocer) or much else.

Any recommendations for places we should try?

I'll be working at RTL in the north east of the city.

All the best and keep up the blog!

Greg G. said...

Hi Sara,

Thanks for checking out the website. Where are you coming to Luxembourg from? It is a wonderful country!

Most towns, even more into the country have little bakeries or shops. Grocery stores maybe not but there is usually a big Cactus supermarket not more than 10 or 15 minutes from most towns. Buses get you most places here without problems.

We are in Strassen which is fairly populated but still feels very good and not like a city. We are only a few minutes from the center of town. A little further out from us you get more space, yards, stuff like that. Capellen seems like a nice place. You can't really go wrong location wise here.

let me know if you have other questions.