03 August, 2008

Is There Bocce in Luxembourg?

We asked that question when we arrived and several months ago Paula found some bocce courts in a park near her office in the Kirchberg section of Luxembourg. About a month ago I finally found some bocce ball sets at our local supermarket, Cactus. We had looked in several places for awhile and found nothing and one night while at Cactus I decided to look in the kids toy section and found a bunch of outside toys including the bocce (or boules) balls. That is right, instead of calling it bocce, it is called boules but seems to be the same. We bought one set of 6 balls and the palino marker ball. Knowing that we needed 8 balls, 4 for each team, we also bought a set of 3 so in total we have 9 balls. Molly plays with the 9th ball at home. All the balls are silver with no other colors on them so we bought some blue tape to mark 4 of the balls from the other 4.

We have now played a few bocce games just by ourselves on a few Sunday afternoons, including today. I won't say who won but I am not happy about it.... Paula was walking by this park during the week and noticed that around lunch time there were 4 games going on in the 4 courts and it was full of office workers in suits (no coats) and dresses. The guys had their ties tucked into their shirts. People were sitting around watching, eating and drinking (some beer and wine). There is a little café not far from the courts so we will have to play some games during lunch to take in this odd display Luxembourg lunch breaks!

Check out our Luxembourg bocce practice!


Xenos said...


I am enjoying this blog, so thanks for it! My wife may be doing a tax accounting secondment in Lux in a year or two, and this blog has been a great way to get a feel for Luxembourg.


anita strods dore said...

hi there,
my husband and i are about to move to Luxembourg for his job at Citi group. I'm happy to read about your experiences and hear a bit more about what it's like there. we visited briefly this past June but only for a few days. i wrote you a quick note about finding an apartment that accepts cats - i found your flickr though your blog. if you have a moment to respond, my email is anita@mainecottage.com. we're hearing that it's nearly impossible to find a nice place that accepts pets. did you have trouble? did you even mention having a cat?

thanks in advance and good luck with your stay in Luxembourg!
Anita Strods Dore

Greg G. said...

Hi Anita,

Thanks for checking out our blog! We love it here in Luxembourg. We did bring our cat and it was not that hard. It did limit our apartment options but we also have some US friend that live here and they have dogs and found a nice apartment. I will drop you a seperate email with more details.

For now, you can check out apartment options at www.athome.lu and some of the listings may say whether they accept pets or not.