31 March, 2010

Easter in the Netherlands

This Easter Paula and I are going to spend a longish weekend in the Netherlands..more specifically my favorite city, Utrecht for 2 days and nights, then Delft for an afternoon and then Amsterdam for the last 2 days and nights before returning to Luxembourg in time for the annual bird whistle festival.

This will be the last trip that Paula takes in Europe before heading back to the U.S. next week and what better place to make her last trip than one of our most favorite destinations...Utrecht! and the rest of Holland for that matter.

We are going to drive up to Utrecht and enjoy the shopping, eating, drinking and people watching that the city has to offer. It will also be nice to visit a few of my favorite hangouts from back in the day (circa 2000) as this will also be my last trip to Utrecht for several years I would guess.

After a few days in Utrecht it is off to Delft just for a few hours to pick up some cool Delft blauw tiles and other items we have been thinking of for some time but never purchased before.

Then we are on to Amsterdam for 2 days and nights of roaming around shopping, maybe taking in a slow canal cruise or anything else that comes to mind. We have dinner reservations at a cool farm/nursery restaurant on the outskirts of Amsterdam that serves only things grown on the farm and surrounding area. Should be a great dining experience.

More to come....

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