13 March, 2010

A Long Weekend In Munich

A few weeks back Paula and I spent a long weekend in Munich to visit the city, take in a Dave Matthews Band concert, visit a beautiful castle and to visit the sad history of the Dachau WWII concentration camp outside of Munich.

We also got to visit a few brauhaus' in Munich including the famous but very touristy Haufbrau Haus. Did I mention we got to taste some wonderful and very affordable Bavarian food?

Being that Munich is the home of some wonderful German cars...we visited the BMW museum to dream a bit...

We also made a day trip out to the sad yet historic Dachau concentration camp and one of King Ludwig's castles.

Andescher Monastery

BMW Museum

The city of Munich

Dachau Camp

King Ludwig's Castle


Bryan Kolesar said...

Wow, this takes me back to my last trip to Germany---maaaannyyyy years ago---but it's funny because the pictures bring back memories of my visits. I'm particularly anxious to see the last two photo galleries when you get 'em up, because they were two of my more memorable stops.

Greg G. said...

Hey Bryan, great to hear from you. I am a bit slow up uploading pictures but I am trying to get better about it as our time here winds down. After a little winefest today, I will put more up tonight, including from the PreZBF fest from last weekend although I didn't snap as many pictures as I should have....

the updates on the situation in PA this past week have been great on our blog. Thanks for keeping us updated and informed!