08 December, 2007

The 12 BEERS of Christmas

I was doing some thinking today while in my new favorite beer store in Arlon, Belgium. They had about 10 or more Christmas beers and I know of several others I could get in Luxembourg so why not put a twist on the old song and do the 12 Days of Christmas! I picked up a few bottles at the shop in Arlon and assessed what I had in stock at the flat. I don't have all 12 beers worked out just yet but there is what I have so far. The arrangement of which beers to have what days has yet to be worked out in my head but it will come soon. I hope to be able to taste one per night leading up to Christmas and to post a review of each. I am not crazy enough to try the same number of beers for the specific day as in the song. I don't think that on Christmas day I could drink 12 of whatever the last beer is.

Here are the beers that I have so far. Any suggestions on addditional Christmas beers (Belgian only please) would be greatly appreciated.

Here are a few others I am thinking of throwing in the mix if I could get them in time. My bottle shop in Arlon was fresh out of one of my favorites, Gouden Carolous Christmas. Here are some others worth a try...

Abbaye de Rocs Speciale Noel

Gouden Carolous Christmas

Bush de Noel Premium

Saint Bernardus Christmas

Gordon X-mas

That doesn't get me to 12 just yet but I will be doing some research with Paula next weekend at a little Christmas beer fest in Essen, Belgium. If you check out this link you will see there extensive beer list which features a great deal of Christmas beers in addition to some other strong Belgian ales. O.B.E.R. Christmas Beer Festival Essen

Check back over the next few days to see my progress.

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