09 December, 2007

Christmas In Strassen

I mentioned earlier that the town we live in, Strassen, was having a little Christmas Festival today. Although it was raining this evening, we took a walk down a few back streets to get to the parking lot where the fest was being held. There were about 30 little wooden huts setup for this fest in a similar style to what they are holding in Luxembourg City. The stands were selling a limited amount of crafts and Christmas ornaments. The main attraction was the food. They had a crepe stand, a few beer, wine and other drink stands. There was also a stand selling some Swiss items including raclette, a cheese over bread and potatoe item that is very interesting.

Click here to see some of the pictures we took from the Strassen Christmas Fest


Paul said...

I only arrived in Luxembourg recently and I've been trying to track down some good places to get a beer. Went to an odd place in Athus just over the Begian border from Rodange, but they no longer brew their own beer. Have you found any good places for beer in Luxembourg City?

Greg G. said...

Thanks for checking out our site. My wife and I have only been in Luxembourg since early October. We have been to several bars in Luxembourg City but no extensive beer selections I am sorry to say. We have mainly found some of the locals like Diekirch or Battin or Bofferding and then a few Belgians. They seem to be the same Belgians that are owned by the Inbev brewing giant. We usually see Leffe.

Our best beer experiences around Luxembourg have been in a short travel to Arlon, Belgium. There is a great bottle shop there and the selection in their supermarkets is very good as well.

The supermarket selections at Cactus, Del Haize and Auchan in Luxembourg is pretty good as well and cheap compared to what I am used to in the US.