16 December, 2007

2007 Kerstbierfestival in Essen, Belgium

On Saturday, 15 December Paula and I went to a Christmas beer festival in Essen, Belgium which is a small town about 10 minutes from the border with the Netherlands. We stayed in Antwerp, Belgium for the weekend and traveled back and forth to the fest.
After waking up Saturday morning a bit later than expected (see the reasons on my post about bars in Antwerp) we got some breakfast and met a group of folks waiting for shuttles to this beer fest. About 24 of us loaded into 3 large taxi vans and headed to Essen, Belgium.
The beer list consisted of 18 draft beers and 108 beers in bottles. The bottles ranged in size from 25 cls to 1.5l magnums.
Here are the beers that I remember ordering over the day and show that we sampled from our new friends:
- Avec les Bons Voeux (draft)
- Noel des Gèants (draft)
- Stille Nacht (draft)
- De Ryck Christmas Ale (draft)
- Boucanier Christmas (draft)
- Bravoure (draft)
- Glazen Toren Canaster (draft)
- Chapeau Winter Gueuze (bottle)
- Grobbendonks Kerstbier (bottle)
- Père Canard (bottle)
- Huyghe Plaizierke (bottle)
- Prime de la fin d'annee (bottle)
- Glazen Toren Saison Christmas (bottle)
- Toernichoise Fumee (bottle)
- Triest x mas 2007 (bottle)
- Struisse Tsjeeses (bottle)
- Proefbrouwerij Ysbok (bottle)
- Hiete Kriek (bottle)
- Gluhkriek Liefmans (bottle)
- Antwerps Kerst (bottle)
- Bush de Noel Premium (bottle)
- Struise New Year's Blond (bottle)
- Rochefort 8 Cuvee 2007 (1.5 l bottle)
- Bush Prestige (bottle)
- Duvel Tripel Hop (bottle)

More words to come soon.

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