21 December, 2007

How Are We Spending Our First Christmas In Luxembourg?

Thank you for asking. Christmas is a big deal in Luxembourg and Europe in general, just like at home. Just today I was at our local megastore, Cactus, for a few food items and last minute Christmas gifts and it was a freaking madhouse. It did remind me of home, just with foreign voices.

The Christmas markets are great in the towns that we have visited. It seems like most European towns have little wooden huts setup to sell all kinds of great foods and gifts like the Luxembourg City and Strassen markets we have mentioned earlier. Tomorrow, Saturday, 22 December we are taking a train to one of the better markets in Trier, Germany. It is less than an hour by train from Luxembourg and is supposed to be great with tons of shopping and eating options.

On Sunday, 23 December we are going to take about an hours drive to Rochefort, a little Belgian town to visit their Christmas market. Rochefort happens to be the home of one of the best Trappist breweries in the world. We probably won't visit there but we will surely try some of their beers while in town.

We will spend the 24th and 25th in Luxembourg, probably going to Christmas Eve mass in Luxembourg City at a church that is in English. We are not sure the exact denomination of the church but who cares, it is in English.

On the 26th we embark on our Belgian Christmas trip! We will spend the first 2 nights in Brussels and then we move on for 2 nights to Brugge. We are really looking forward to both and will surely post more stories and pictures on those trips.


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