25 December, 2007

Merry Christmas / 12 Days of Christmas Update 2

Merry Christmas everything. It is already 4pm on Christmas Day here in Luxembourg, we are planning for our trip tomorrow to Belgium and I am getting ready to move on to Christmas beer number 2 of this festive day!

Below is a recap of my 12 beers of Christmas as today is the actual 12th day. I will eventually get around to also posting my notes on all of these beers but for now, here is the udpated list.

Day 1 - Kerst Pater Christmas 2007
Day 2 - Gouden Carlous Christmas 2007
Day 3 - Noel des Gèants
Day 4 - Bofferding Christmas (Luxembourgish)
Day 5 - Simon Noel (Luxembourgish)
Day 6 - Stille Nacht 2006
Day 7 - Stille Nacht 2007
Day 8 - Diekirch Christmas (Luxembourgish)
Day 9 - La Rullés Cuvee Meilleurs Voeux
Day 10 - Bocq Christmas
Day 11 - Chouffe N'ice
Day 12 - Brasserie Caulier Blonde de Noel

There were many more Christmas beers that we sampled these past few weeks, most of them at the beer festival we attended a few weeks back in Essen, Belgium, but these are the ones we had full bottles of and planned to sample. Some were very good, some were not so good but that is the fun of trying different beers.



TJ's said...

It appears that you have used your transfer to Luxembourg as a rouse. How can you possibly get any work done with all that great beer to had?

Greg G. said...

I know it is hard to believe that I do work but I really do. And I don't just mean researching bars and breweries to visit! I guess the newest posts about Brussels and Bruges are not going to do anything to strengthen my case...