03 December, 2007

Luxembourg City Christmas Fest

This past week was the start of the Christmas Fest in Luxembourg City. We had heard nothing but good things about how fun the Fest is. It runs to just before Christmas and includes tons of little huts setup to sell all kinds of gifts and all kinds of good food and booze of course.

We went for the first time on Saturday and met up with some friends. Saturday also happened to be the last day of a large Luxembourgish wine festival in town as well. For the small sum of €5 you get a nice glass and have the ability to fill it all you want from whatever the 40 plus wineries had to offer. They were all Luxembourgish wineries and they make some really good wine and sparkling wine or cremants as they call them.

After the winefest we headed back into the Christmas Fest area and had some great food. The best thing we tried were these little potatoe pancakes. They were not actually little at all and reminded me of home as you sometimes get them back home and they were complete with apple sauce. We ended the night with what I can only describe as the best dessert I have had at something like this. They were little piece of doughy heaven, fried and then topped with powdered sugar and a side of chocolate for dipping. Yum! I will have to go back for more this week....

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